Updated Policies


I understand the sport of gymnastics involves certain inherent risks, including the possibility of serious injury or death.  In consideration of myself and/or my child’s participation in these activities, including but not limited to gymnastics classes, tumbling/cheer classes, private lessons, clinics, open gym, competitions, team work-outs, camps or any special events of Butler’s Gymnastics LLC, it’s respective owners, officers, employees and members and do hereby myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, release and forever discharge all rights and claims for damages which I or my child may have or which may hereafter accrue to me or my child arising out of or connected with me or my child’s participations in any activities of Butler’s Gymnastics LLC.  My child has also been informed of the risk of possible injury while participating in any gymnastics related activity.

Medical Release

I hereby declare myself and/or my child to be physically sound, having medical approval to participate in activities of Butler’s Gymnastics LLC.  In the event of an injury, I hereby give my permission to Butler’s Gymnastics LLC staff to render any first aid, and/or emergency treatment to my child while participating in any activity of Butler’s Gymnastics LLC.  It is understood that in an emergency situation, a conscientious effort will be made by the staff to inform the parent(s) or guardian(s) listed above.  I accept responsibility for any and all medical treatment rendered to myself or my child.  I grant Butler’s Gymnastics LLC staff permission to call for transport to an area hospital or treatment facility if it is deemed necessary.

Media Release

I hereby grant permission for Butler's Gymnastics, LLC to publish images and/or videos of this participant on websites and social media for the purpose of promoting Butler's Gymnastics, LLC.

Rules and Policies


All payments must be made by the due date. 

There is a 10% discount for families of 2 or more children.  The discount will be taken off the lesser tuitions.

Payments can be made at the front desk or by mail.  Butler’s Gymnastics accepts cash, checks or credit/debit cards.

Late fee policy

A $25.00 late fee per gymnast will apply for all payments received after the due date.

Return check

There will be a $35.00 charge for all returned checks.

A cash-only policy will go into effect for checks returned more than 2 times.

Credits and Refunds

There will be no refunds after the 1st class in a session.  Credits are given for medical reasons only. 

Make-up Policies Classes

There will be no tuition reduction for missed classes.

Makeup classes are offered for some classes.  Please see Noelle or Rich for information as some classes may not be available as a makeup.

Makeup classes must be done during the session for which it was missed.  Only one (1) makeup classes will be allowed per session.

Cancellation of classes

Butler’s Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.


Gymnasts should be dropped off and picked up inside the building. 

Parents & siblings are to view from the parents’ areas and are not allowed on the floor or equipment.

Smoking is prohibited on the grounds of Butler’s Gymnastics.


Hair must be tied back and out of the gymnast’s face at all times.

Girls participating in gymnastics must wear a leotard.  Girls participating in tumbling classes must wear a leotard or tight fitting tank top and shorts.  Boys must be in t-shirts and shorts.  No sneakers allowed.  No loose clothing is allowed for the safety of the gymnasts and coaching staff.

Inclement weather

Please call the gym for more information regarding closings due to weather conditions.

Gym closures will be posted on Facebook.

Questions & Concerns

Please contact Noelle or Rich Butler with questions and/or concerns.




I have read all of the policies and waivers provided to me by Butler's Gymnastics, LLC. 

I certify that I am at least 18 years of age with the authority to grant permission for participation at Butlers Gymnastics, LLC.

Pandemic Acknowledgement

I acknowledge that Butler’s Gymnastics programs will operate in a social and physical distancing environment to the best of their abilities. 

I acknowledge that even with their best efforts, there may be incidental interaction that happens within the recommended distancing guidelines. 

I acknowledge that Butler’s Gymnastics staff will do hands on spotting when the circumstances require it.  Spotting athletes is necessary in order to teach skills safely, help athletes perform correctly and prevent injury. 

I acknowledge, understand and agree that spotting will be a part of the learning environment at Butler’s Gymnastics and permit the teaching and coaching staff to physically assist my child when needed. 

I acknowledge, understand and agree that this hands on contact will include any events of injury and emergency.

I acknowledge that my actions as a parent or legal guardian will directly impact the safety of all others in the Butler’s Gymnastics community. 

I agree to encourage my child to practice safe social distancing and good hand washing hygiene. 

I agree that my child will not attend class or practice if they are feeling ill.

I acknowledge, understand and agree to providing my child with a face covering while attending any program provided by Butler’s Gymnastics, until said recommendations are lifted.

I acknowledge and agree that due to the current social distancing and capacity guidelines, I will have limited time inside the building to watch my child’s class or practice.

I acknowledge, understand and agree to wear a face covering when entering the building, until said recommendations are lifted.

I acknowledge, understand and agree that my child’s class or practice schedule may change and that some class may not be offered at this time.

I agree to be patient and understanding during this time of change and new guidelines.

I agree to bring any question or concerns to Noelle and Rich.

Butler's Gymnastics
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